Speaking of the Devil
(1990) Bull Webster is a taxi driver with some work problems on his hands: the Spider Corporation, a giant financial holding company, has decided to buy out his taxi co-operative in order to make it go bankrupt and purchase its land at a low cost. Bull is almost driven to desperation, but then he finds the winning ticket in his pocket to a lottery with the biggest prize of all time: $150 million! With money like that, he can afford to make his enemies eat their plan. But at this point, Bull's future begins to interest those responsible for the destiny of human affairs: Heaven and Hell send an Angel and a Devil to tempt Bull into evil or to convince him to do good. The appearance of these characters in e... read more...arthly events creates a maze of situations that are amusing, dramatic and full of action. And for once it's the humans, and especially our hero Bull, who come out winning.
Original Title
Un piede in paradiso
International titles
Das Rhinozeros
Wenn man vom Teufel spricht...
Un zapatón en el paraíso
Siinä paha missä mainitaan
Ange ou démon
Fél lábbal a Paradicsomban
Un piede in paradiso
Når man snakker om djevelen
Ne igraj se s hudicem
DirectorEnzo Barboni
ScreenplayMarco Barboni
StoryMarco Barboni
StoryGiuseppe Pedersoli
Bud Spencer Official Shop
I'm for the Hippopotamus
All the Way
Bambino & Trinity / They Call Me Trinity
Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure
Watch Out, We're Mad
Bull Webster
Bud Spencer
Veronica Flame
Carol Alt
Thierry Lhermitte
Mark Allen
Sean Arnold
Brooke Backer
Elmer Bailey
Ian Bannen
Parris Buckner
Brent Burns
Milton Tom Cohen
Caron Convett
Sasha D'Arc
A.J. Dasker
Dee Dering
Sasha Desko
Fritz Dominique
Lee Duval
Anthony Giaimo
Barry Hober
Stan Kaplan
Marina Kuana
Rhonda Leconde
Judson Lee
Ken Little
Roland Logan
Betty Webster, Bulls wife
Sharon Madden
Mike Madrid
Ted Milford
Barry Mizerski
Art Musto
Minh Nguyen
Julian Obyrd
Fred Ornstein
Taxi driver (red cab)
Riccardo Pizzuti
Raul San
Michael Sandler
Barry Schreiber
Raiko Seims
Bert Sheldon
Golf Caddy
Raiko Siems
Holy Brother
Jean Sorel
Patrick Sullivan
Dianna Wagner
Chung Wai Lui
Bill Wohrman
Business Woman / Patron
Terry Conforti
TV presenter, interviewing Frank Doyle
Stephen Edward
Taxi driver (black cap)
Mike Kirton
Taxi Driver
Craig W. Richards
Candice Webster, Bulls daughter
Diamy Spencer
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